Mounting is the process of bonding photographs, prints and artwork to a substrate. We offer an in house, bespoke dry mounting service of the highest quality to the art world and beyond.

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If you are unsure of the best combination of print, substrate and hanging method, follow the steps below:

Below are some concise explanations of the most common mounting materials used. For more information on the different processes available, refer to the table at the bottom of the home page.

You can also order sample packs from us by email, choose a combination or the full range of substrates, dispatched  within 5 working days.

Aluminium Mounting and Dibond® Mounting

Aluminium Mounting has many advantages, notably its extremely smooth surface. Ideal for all image types including high gloss such as Fujiflex paper. It has a clean, silver edge. Hanging systems can be attached to the back, to ‘float’ away from the wall. Aluminium is predominantly used in cold mounting but when dealing with large fibre based / hand prints, hot mounting is a very effective way of getting them flat, read more here

Dibond®  is an aluminium composite board with a polyethylene centre and 0.3mm aluminium liners each side. This makes it lighter and more rigid than aluminium. The centre is black and theliners silver. Click to view clients projects that used either Aluminium or Dibond mounting.

Kapa® Mounting

Kapa® is a rigid, lightweight and stable polyurethane foam centered board with thin aluminium liners for rigidity and stability. For a ‘foam’ board it has a very smooth surface, suitable for all print types other than high gloss. Clients choose Kapa® when framing their mounted work in conventional box frames.  Hot or Cold Mounting. Click to view clients projects that used Kapa Mounting

Foamex® Mounting

Foamex® is a semi-rigid PVC board available in white or black (or other colours on request). Clients choose Foamex® when fitting into box frames, tray frames or hanging directly on the wall. Recommended for use with Semi gloss and matt images. Please enquire for different hanging options including Velcro, Self adhesive hangers, Battens and Subframes. Cold Mounting only. Click to view clients projects that used Foamex mounting

Conservation and Museum Board (Archival Mounting)

When Archival Mounting we almost exclusively use laminated (EVA adhesive), acid free boards with no plasticisers. The obvious benefits being full archival specification. The draw back to archival board is texture and low rigidity, making them almost always unsuitable for high gloss and large scale prints. When this is the case we advise mounting on aluminium using our new service of Hot Mounting fibre prints. Click to view clients projects that used Mueseum Board mounting.

Face Mounting on Glass

The image is bonded to Optiwhite, low iron, polished glass using a optically clear adhesive. This creates an impressive, modern effect. A subframe would almost always be fitted to ‘float’ the panel away from the wall. Good alternative to perspex reverse as glass will not scratch easily and is available in ‘non reflective’ form. Cold Mounting only. Click to see clients projects that used Glass Mounting.

MDF Block Mounting

Whilst many people are put off by MDF, when mounted in the correct manner, archival tissues act as a barrier between the material and print. It is also surprisingly smooth, suitable for matt and semi gloss images. The oldest mounted sample we have is a silver gelatin print mounted on MDF with black painted edges. At over 25 years old, it is still in great condition. Available in various thicknesses (3-25mm) and various painted edge finishes. A UV seal is also popular with MDF.  Hot or Cold Mounting. Click to see clients projects that used MDF Mounting.

For a full list of substrates, view our substrate chart

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