‘You See Me, I See You’ – Audrey Tan

29 May – 01 June 2014, Substation Gallery

We have worked with Audrey for many years on her varied, challenging and engaging works. As you can see from the pictures below, Audrey has some fantastic ideas on the display of her photography which we always try to meet to fulfill to her exacting standards. You can find an example of this in the stairwell up to the office in our EC1 workshop. The work is mounted on glass with a UV matt seal applied, but the image has been cut out to reveal the wall behind.

For this particular show we mounted an edition of that piece along with bespoke solid walnut box frames in which the images were cut out in similar fashion. When framing small works such as these, the frame is of utmost importance so as not take too much of the viewers attention whilst enclosing, protecting and presenting the artwork.


“I enjoy photography for the solitude it provides me with. It is the camera and I in conversation, working and making memories together.”

— Audrey Tan


“The exhibition essentially features a collection of photographs capturing spontaneity – of both the models and the photographer. Utilising a range of cameras, from film to digital, Tan, who will be at the gallery for the duration of her exhibition, is not so much concerned about control inasmuch as spontaneity. That the models were mostly strangers enables these photographs to encapsulate the seismic nature of human connections.”

— Prabu Krishna Moorthy – Substation Gallery, Singapore 179936

You See Me, I See You will also be exhibited at The Royal Photographic Society’s Photobook exhibition at The Society’s HQ in Bath from the 3rd to 28th November 2014.


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