‘Working Process’ – Alexander McQueen / Nick Waplington

10th March – 17th May, Tate Britain

In a unique collaboration between Waplington and McQueen, ‘Working Process’ brings to light a rare and candid view of the fashion world while offering an insight to one of the industry’s most revered talents, before his untimely death in 2010. A.Bliss cold mounted all the images on 3mm Dibond to be fitted into frames elsewhere. Working with the artist, framer and The Tate, A.Bliss fulfilled the exacting standards expected of such a high profile show, delivered on schedule.

“Providing a rare behind-the-scenes look into one of fashion’s most innovative and celebrated names, Waplington’s photographs capture the creative journey of McQueen’s final Autumn/Winter collection, Horn of Plenty in 2009. The critically acclaimed collection was an iconoclastic retrospective of McQueen’s career in fashion, reusing silhouettes and fabrics from his earlier collections, and creating a catwalk set out of discarded elements from the sets of his past shows. 

Waplington’s photographs reveal a raw and unpolished side of the fashion world. Candid images of McQueen’s working process are juxtaposed with rigorously produced photographs of recycling plants and landfills to create a powerful commentary on destruction and creative renewal – themes at the heart of the Horn of Plenty collection. 

A must-see exhibition, Waplington’s candid and personal documentation of McQueen’s creative process, captures the spirit and essence of the fashion designer’s work. Raw, bold and thought-provoking, Waplington’s photographs provide a unique insight into one of the most celebrated fashion collections in recent history.”

– Tate Britain 2015

Installation view

Courtesy Tate Photography

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