The Eye Needs A Horizon – Bridget Smith

Frith Street Gallery, London, 22 Jan – 3 March 2016

“A series of large-scale cyanotype prints, Blueprint for a Sea. One of the earliest photographic processes (known as blueprints), the technique uses ultra-violet light to create two-tone representations on paper. This series of images have been created by photographing cinema seating, but also allude to the wave-like forms and light refractions on the surface of the sea. The prints re-imagine an exterior landscape through interior space.”

At A.Bliss, we have retained the precise expertise to be able to handle a wide variety of unusual and challenging mediums, this includes the Cyanotype printing process Bridget Smith used for her Frith Street Gallery exhibition. This particular paper is thick and fragile – we used an archival, acid free tissue and process to bond the paper to 2 x 1m sheet aluminium in our traditional hot press. The heat activated tissue forms a tight bond between the two surfaces, whilst removing any residual moisture out of the paper, guarding against future warping. Aluminium sub frames are then fixed to the back for float hanging.

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