‘Nemora’ – Juliette Losq

12 September – 2 October 2014, The Fine Art Society Contemporary

The British artist Juliette Losq places the notion of ‘The Clearing’ as central to her practice and imagery – a place where wilderness and chaos oppose civilization and order. She depicts liminal landscapes that hover at the edges of this symbolic Clearing, alluding to the English ‘Gothic’ of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as typified by fragmented narratives relating mysterious incidents, and scenes that were charged with an imagined threat.” – FAS 2014

Many of Losq’s stunning large ink and watercolor works are mounted at A.Bliss. We use traditional, archival hot mounting techniques to bond the thick paper stock to high quality linen backing, ready to be stretched elsewhere. With the largest piece undertaken being over 8 meters long, no other method of mounting is suitable because of restraints in substrate and machinery size. The works have to be hot mounted, using our large hot bed press which incorporates heat and pressure creating a bond between the linen and paper. Special archival adhesive is used and at this size needs to be carefully patched together to make a constant and strong bond across the entire panel. It takes extreme care, precision and expertise to dry mount successfully and to be confident of the bond for many years to come.

Juliette Losq is a one of The Fine Art Society Contemporary’s exhibiting artists, whose presence in British fine art dealing goes back centuries.

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