Jyll Bradley – Currency

l’étrangère, London, 21st September – 29th October

A.Bliss assisted in the production of 153 unique drawings on black, graphite, red and light blue carbon papers mounted on green fluorescent Plexiglass, each 8cm in diameter. Owing to the unusual, delicate qualities of the medium testing and prototypes were necessary to ensure faultless mounting and display results. The ‘coins’ were precision laser cut to size with each piece of carbon paper individually dry mounted into place. The coins were displayed along side installations and painting, some of which were also produced by A.Bliss – entitled ‘Balance’.

For these works, the artist supplied unique acrylic paint, carbon and photocopy drawings on Khandi hand made paper, along with maquettes and exact shape instructions for our staff to capture digitally and laser cut 2mm aluminium to desired shape. The paper supplied was positioned and mounted on both sides of the aluminium ready to fit together and free stand as pictured.

Through collaboration, expertise and communication the artist’s exacting vision was delivered on time with the usual high standard of finishing that is expected from fine art productions of this kind. To discuss your future projects or ideas, please contact us to discuss with our experienced team.

Currency (2016) is major new multipart work, comprising 153 unique drawings on carbon paper. Each ‘coin’ is imbued with lines derived from old hop stringing patterns. These are mounted on green fluorescent Plexiglas and arranged in a geometric network that mirrors the set-out of a hop garden. The work marks the artist’s return to drawing and her creation of a new lexicon of mark-making: a fresh ‘currency’.”

“Balance (2016) These small sculptures employ shapes and marks derived from hop stringing patterns/fractals. They are a fusion between drawing, painting and sculpture. ‘Balance’ refers to the relational quality of the works – one part dependent on the other for physical and conceptual support. Bradley sees these works as maquettes for possible stage sets.”

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