‘Eyewitness’ – David Levene

2nd September – 26th October, Foyles Flagship Store, Charing Cross Road

David Levene is an award-winning Guardian photographer who has contributed to their ‘Eyewitness’ series for many years. This new exhibition features 10 of his favorite shots that span many countries and cultures. All Eyewitness images aim to capture a usually significant moment in time and bring it to life for the reader whether it be in print form, online or via the great Eyewitness App. Never before has David’s work been available to view in this format as they have been enlarged to over 1.5m wide giving the viewer a sense of scale and enabling them to study the intricacies and detail of the work.

The prints were on show in the brand new Foyles store on Charing Cross Road in their purpose built exhibition space and were presented in conjunction with FUTURECITY.  All images were printed and mounted with A.Bliss, the photographer choosing 2mm aluminium with subframes for all, giving them a smart, modern and uniform look without conventional picture frames interfering with the aesthetic of the piece.

You can view all the images here.

“An Eyewitness photograph should always provoke the feeling of being involved or part of the scene, and that is something that I always consider when I am composing or thinking about the subject that I am shooting. The exhibition selection began with a conversation with Mark Davy at Futurecity. We discussed how big the images would be, how they appear on the page and how this would be mirrored on the wall. There are lots of things that are important and that I love about Eyewitness but the overarching rule is to have lots of detail, and lots to look at, and to be able to exhibit some of my images on an even larger scale is a great opportunity.” – David Levene 2014

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