‘Drape and Parts’ – Eva Stenram

Fotografins Hus, Stockholm. 16th January – 1st March 2014

A.Bliss mounted and framed 17 images for Eva’s unique show, it being the first time the artist has exhibited in her home town of Stockholm. The photographic prints were dry mounted and framed in a warm toned oiled walnut with classic conservation cut out mounts and glass. The show consists of two parts, outlined below;


“Drape uses vintage pin-up photographs as its source material. These photographs, probably mostly from the 1950s and 60s, depict women that are posed in interior (semi-) domestic sets in front of curtains or drapes. After scanning these pin-up photographs, the curtains or drapes were digitally extended in order to partially obscure the women. The background (the drapes or curtains) and foreground (the model’s body) are exchanged and this digital manipulation causes a rupture within the scene. Once the backdrop falls in front of the model, showing just parts of her body, our voyeuristic desire becomes clearer.”


“Parts uses 1960s pin-up negatives as its source material. The pictures have been digitally altered, obliterating most of the model and leaving only a leg intact. The mood is macabre – the severed body does not entice and the original photograph’s erotic effect is turned on its head. Yet by letting just one stocking-clad leg of the model remain within the photograph, this leg in some ways animates the rest of the scene. As viewers, we may try to piece together the original position of the model, or perhaps we accept the leg as some kind of absurd interior decoration or prop.”


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