‘Stardust’ – David Bailey

06 February – 01 June 2014, National Portrait Gallery

‘Stardust’ was a David Bailey retrospective shown at the National Portrait Gallery in London. This detailed and immersive look at the illustrious career of Britain’s most famous portrait photographer was hugely popular with record visitor numbers and a massive amount of interest worldwide. Bailey is best known for his evocative 1960’s portraits – the likes of Mick Jagger, The Beatles and Twiggy among many others are featured.

The show also features over 350 prints of various sizes, guiding you through the many and varied parts of Bailey’s career to date including an entire room dedicated to his wife, Catherine. For more info visit the NPG website.

A.Bliss mounted the majority of Bailey’s Black + White and colour prints on 3mm Dibond, ready to be fitted into frames elsewhere. All the fibre based prints were also hot mounted and window mounted with us. It was a complicated operation owing to the sheer volume of work undertaken. The prints had to be handled with extreme care and condition checked by Bailey before leaving our workshop. From the initial planning stage to hanging the show took around 1 year to come to fruition.

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