‘City’ – Yoni Alter

27 March – 03 May 2014, Kemistry Gallery

Alter’s show featured vibrant new works commissioned by ‘London Live’, the new ‘all London’ TV channel. The works, including animated videos, make up their branding that can be seen to this day on all networks. The show had a large advert in the Evening Standard and interest was high, we were pleased to sponsor the show with our logo on all associated literature.


“His debut London show is inspired by urban landscapes and architecture, and in particular by London. Rather than drawing in a stylized way, Alter applies different reduction methods on visuals. Yoni’s colourful depictions of London architecture, simplified and to a degree abstracted are very seductive and seem to sum up the creative vibe of this amazing city.” — Kemistry Gallery 2014

A.Bliss collaborated and consulted with Yoni to find the most appropriate and aesthetically pleasing way of presenting the bold, colourful prints. In this case, white finished frames were chosen with fillets and plain glass. The prints were dry mounted on 5mm Kapa mount, it being a perfect board for conventional box framing as it is rigid and lightweight at large sizes.

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