‘Bodies’ Nadav Kander

Flowers Cork Street, 11th January – 09th February 2013 

A.Bliss have been working with Nadav Kander for some time, mounting prints onto aluminium, archival conservation board and Kapa Mount. Nadav Kander’s prints are handled by A.Bliss with the care, attention and expertise required of fine art productions. For this particular show, the large scale works were mounted on 5mm Kapamount to be fitted into frames elsewhere.

Coated in white marble dust and set against the void of the photographer’s studio, the subjects of Nadav Kander’s BODIES. 6 Women, 1 Man serve as monumental studies of the human condition. Far from the airbrushed perfection that permeates images of nudity in popular culture, Nadav Kander presents us with honest photographs of the human form.” —Flowers Gallery 2013

(Photo courtesy of Sebastian Nevols)


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