‘Ebb & Flow’ – Qin Yuhai

11 – 15 June 2014, Saachi Gallery

“Ebb and Flow’ is an innovative photographic exhibition by renowned Chinese photographer, Mr Qin Yuhai, debuting in the UK in London at Saatchi Gallery from 11 to 15 June 2014. Presented by Fuhai Culture Development Ltd, an organisation engaged in art and culture based in the centre of Beijing, the exhibition features a world exclusive of new studies of water taken from the Chinese landscape over a period of many years. All the images are based on Qin Yuhai’s long engagement and relationship with Mount Yuntai in Central China’s Henan Province.

The photographs, taken with a 10 x 8 camera, are the result of years of learning and understanding how best to represent the essence of water. At the same time, they are an exploration of the nature and language of photography”


A.Bliss worked closely with the curator and artist liaison to find the best way to approach displaying these very large and glossy c-type prints. Whilst the scale was a challenge in itself, the exhibition consisted of 15 pieces it total, meaning the project had to be carefully managed from start to finish. Our client decided after consultations to select standard aluminium mounting with extra strong subframes attached to back so the works ‘float’ away from the wall. This was agreed to be the least intrusive but practical way to exhibit.

The prints were delivered directly to our EC1 workshop  from China after which we mounted, packed and delivered the works to Saachi London.


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