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Cold mounting is the technique we use for the majority of prints that we work with. As you can tell from the name, it’s a cold process using rollers and pressure sensitive adhesives. Please refer to our suitability chart for advice on recommended print types or our substrate chart to find the most suitable surface. Aluminium mounting / Dibond Mounting is the most popular choice when hanging without picture frames and Kapa mounting when fitting into frames.

Hot Mounting is predominantly used to mount fibre based prints, thick papers and old, distorted works onto cloth and other materials. We use our traditional 8ft x 4ft press that incorporates heat and pressure to mount prints.

This is the oldest and most proven mounting technique. We have retained the machinery and expertise to continue offering this service. This mounting technique is archival and reversible (depending on the substrate you choose) we can also mount much larger than the press size – please enquire.

We offer the option to seal your work. This can be matt/semi matt or gloss. These photographic seals protect against UV and light scratches or scuffs. They also make your work easier to clean. These can be used with hot or cold techniques please refer to our suitability chart to find out which types of print are recommended for sealing.

When the longevity and archival quality of prints is crucial, you have fewer options available. The one true archival mounting process is in a hot press  (as this is reversible) on PH Neutral cotton rag museum or conservation board. This can however cause problems with larger prints not being rigid enough once mounted. We have developed ways around this and have other options for archival mounting.

Please enquire for details as often we can come up with a personalised solution.



Our expert picture framer has over 30 years of experience with a wide range of framing techniques including solid wood, spray painting and staining. As there are so many variables and things to consider when choosing your frame, we recommend you come in for a  consultation. All our frames are bespoke and built in-house.

Its always best to bring at least one example of work with you, so our staff can colour match and best advise on the various framing options.


We supply a wide range of art boards including Foamboard, Kapa, Conservation Boards, Display Boards and Foamex. All are available cut to size or in stock size packs and with self adhesive coating.

We can always source things we don’t have in stock. You can order by contacting us directly or pick up in person from our EC1 workshop. We also offer free, next day delivery in the London area for full packs.

We offer a pick up and delivery service to all our clients. Our experienced drivers use our dedicated art mover vans, which can take anything up to 3.3 meters long and 2 meters high. If your work is bigger, we can arrange trusted art movers for you.

Please contact will@abliss.co.uk with any logistics enquiries

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Jyll Bradley – Currency

l’étrangère, London, 21st September – 29th October A.Bliss assisted in the production of 153 unique drawings on black, graphite, red and light blue carbon papers mounted on green fluorescent Plexiglass, each 8cm in diameter. Owing to the unusual, delicate qualities of the medium testing and prototypes were necessary to ensure faultless mounting and display results. […]

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Michael Blann – Mountains

Ongoing framing and display project, 2014 – present Michael Blann is a renowned commercial photographer, shooting for agencies and brands all over the world, however, he has always been deeply passionate about cycling. After his racing career in Australia ended he trained in printmaking and illustration and began his journey into the profession. Recently he […]

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The Eye Needs A Horizon – Bridget Smith

Frith Street Gallery, London, 22 Jan – 3 March 2016 “A series of large-scale cyanotype prints, Blueprint for a Sea. One of the earliest photographic processes (known as blueprints), the technique uses ultra-violet light to create two-tone representations on paper. This series of images have been created by photographing cinema seating, but also allude to […]

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